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Blood Cell Analyzer Mindray BC-2800 hematocrit analyze

Price: 59800 USD

200L Glass Reaction KettleVessel 200L Jacketed Double layer Glass Reactor for LaboratoryPharmaceuticalsOilGum with Vacuum

Price: 16886 USD

200L High Borosilicate GG3.3 Glass Reaction KettleVessel with vertical condensor Reflux flaskVacuum PTFE AgitatorExtraction

Price: 16886 USD

Directly buy 200L Glass Reactor from Laboratory factory Multi-purpose Chemical Glass Stirred Reactor with Double-Neck W Teflon

Price: 16886 USD

Tailor-Made 200L Double walled Cylindrical Jacketed Glass Reactor biological bioreactor w High Borosilicate at wholesales price

Price: 16886 USD

Lab and industrial scale 200l Chemical Mixing reaction kettle with Agitated Jacketed Glass reactors price

Price: 16886 USD

200L Jacketed Chemical Glass Reactor, Glass Reactor

Price: 14999 USD

High Borosilicate GG3.3 with condensor w Reflux flask for 150L Glass Jacketed Reactor

Price: 9886 USD

Glass Reactor manufacturer sell jacket chemical reactor 150L double-neck Glass Reaction Vessel at factory wholesales price

Price: 9886 USD

Large volume high Borosilicate GG3.3 Lab Jacketed Chemical Stirred Glass Reactor 150L Double wall Glass Reactor distillation

Price: 9886 USD

80L,Explosion Proof Jacketed Glass Reactor, glass reaction vessel,Glass Reaction tank

Price: 9400 USD

80L,Borosilicate Glass Reaction Kettle,Cylindrical Glass Reaction Reactor

Price: 8800 USD

5000RPM Economic Microcentrifuge Scllogex D1008 Mini Centrifuge

Price: 7913.85 USD

High quality agate mortar,Outer diameter=250mm,Inner diameter=210mm,Depth=60mm,shallow type

Price: 10320.08 USD

Glass shell and tube heat exchanger,L=3050mm,Diameter 300mm,15 square meters

Price: 7400 USD

50L Lab Jacketed Glass Reactor Vessel Explosion pro customizable Customizable

Price: 7316.99 USD

12398-1 CMAM-BRAIN01-1 Horizontal Cutting Anatomy Model of Human Body and CTMRI Brain, Medical Science Anatomical Models

Price: 6700 USD