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General hd 120hz LCD driver board transfer board double an LVDS interface adapter plate suite

Price: 30 USD

Free shipping KTD1304 SOT-23 100pcslot Triode Transistor Best quality

Price: 8 USD

MS5837 depth sensor Deep pressure pneumatic underwater vehicle

Price: 111 USD

1046010 KT6W-2N5116 Color sensor

Price: 100 USD

Free shipping 100pcs/lot CD4060BE CD4060 4060 DIP16 IC best quality.

Price: 10.5 USD

Free shipping 10pcslot MC145106P MC145106 DIP-18 IC Best quality.

Price: 15.6 USD

Free shipping 10pcslots PIC16F690-IP PIC16F690 16F690-IP MCU 8BIT 7KB FLASH DIP-20 Best quality

Price: 18 USD

free shipping JFT149FJFT249F Electronic regulator of automobile generator Universal voltage stability 12V14V24V28V

Price: 9 USD

Free Shipping 100pcslot 1N5819 1N5819WS 0805 type is S4 B5819WS Best quality

Price: 1.55 USD

ST STX-RLINK STM8 STM32 uPSD STR7 RLINK Emulator Downloader

Price: 200 USD

H-JTAGHJTAG USB2.0 ARM emulator Standard Edition Support NORNAND FLASH to burn and write

Price: 200 USD

Free shipping 50pcslot RT9043GB RT9043 9043 SOT23-5 IC Best quality.

Price: 7.45 USD

WG2532X-1-30930-960MHz GSM microwave RF isolator circulator with 30dB attenuator

Price: 33 USD

C10X King wall 1200 meters Wireless transmission module TTL232485 Pan

Price: 25 USD