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Si Tai&SH BTA41 800B BTA41800B TO 3P 41A 800V integrated circuit

Price: 1.85 USD

PIC18F2550-I/SP PIC18F2550 DIP-28100% new and original#D018

Price: 4.99 USD

AC-DC 90-240V To 3.1-3.5V Step Down Isolated Switching Power Supply Module Voltage Buck Converter 3.3V 600mA

Price: 1.99 USD

20pcs 2W Metal Film Resistor +-1% 2W 24K ohm CCCCC

Price: 0.99 USD

100% New original 10pcs/lots AR8327-BL1A AR8327 QFN-148 IC In stock!

Price: 30.98 USD

Free Shipping 1000pcs/lots A1015 TO-92 New original IC In stock!

Price: 9.69 USD

10pcs/lot IRF3708 TO-220

Price: 2.85 USD

Free Shipping 1pcs/lots SC9711 QFP-100 New original IC In stock!

Price: 12.89 USD

10300PCS/lot BT137-600E BT137-600 TO-220 BT137 Triac BL Bipolar Production

Price: 1009 USD

10PCS/LOT 4N60 FQPF4N60C TO-220F

Price: 1.5 USD

10PCS 2SK2545 K2545 TO220F

Price: 2.9 USD

5PCS/LOT MDF11N60 11N60 TO-220F 11A600V

Price: 1.99 USD


Price: 1.99 USD


Price: 3.3 USD

10PCS STP80NF55 P80NF55 TO-220

Price: 3.36 USD

10pcs/lot P55N06 TO-220

Price: 3.54 USD

10PCS/LOT IRF5210PBF IRF5210 TO220 Free shipping

Price: 3.2 USD