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10PCS IRFP140N IRFP140NPBF 33A100V N-Channel FET New in Original

Price: 7.8 USD

10PCS FM24C16B-G 2142C 25P16VPA RS256B HCPL-3020 MIC2193YM W25Q128FVSG BL5372 LMP7702MA NCP1653ADR2G 1653A

Price: 5.8 USD

10PCS Original TI SG3524 SG3524N new stock

Price: 3.72 USD


Price: 13.8 USD

B18NM80 ST B10NK60Z B20NK50Z B80NF55L-08 B11NM60N B46N30M5 B13NM60N B13NK60Z B24NF10 B7NK80Z

Price: 0.3 USD

IXFX150N15 IXFX120N20 IXFX90N30 IXFX38N80Q IXFX30N100Q2 IXFX80N50P IXFX200N10P IXFX140N30P IXFX20N120P IXFX32N100P

Price: 3 USD

50PCS FQPF7N60C FQPF7N60 F7N60C 7N60 TO220F

Price: 8.2 USD

50PCS High-power ultrafast recovery diode UF5408 3A1000V long legs

Price: 2 USD

41029 SC667052VT OM62J SC900661APVW A2C00043451 ATIC91C4 APIC-D15 ELMOS11611A 11611A 48017 B58468 S29CD016JOMQFM01 28032415

Price: 3.75 USD

32 frequency new 5.8G wireless video transmitter module

Price: 20.88 USD

USB to 485 USB to 232 232 to 485 with light triple converter

Price: 14.98 USD

GPRS GR64 module, there is the amount of dwell

Price: 15.68 USD

10PCS Spot MBRB20100CT B20100G Schottky rectifier TO-263 100V

Price: 3.8 USD

10PCS New original APT15D100KG 15D100KG fast recovery diode 15A1000V TO-220-2

Price: 14.8 USD

10PCS New STP16NF06FP P16NF06FP P16NF06 original

Price: 4.6 USD

TDA7468D TX2SA-5V TSPD11 REMX-NDC MR2835S 2N6109G TPD1034 TD62503P PCF7991AT 861-2A-C-12VDC

Price: 1.25 USD

Power EMI filter CW3 6A 10A 20A T single-phase AC 220V

Price: 18.98 USD